Indie Malmö

Ever fallen in love (with someone you shouldn't've?)

A guide to indie, indiepop, twee, post-punk, riot grrrl and sixties club nights in Malmö, Sweden. No Time For Us, Too Cute To Puke, B'DUM B'DUM

B'DUM B'DUM night club plays indie pop, post-punk, twee, sixties soul and girl-groups in Malmö Sweden


“The Smiths to the Supremes, Belle & Sebastian to Buzzcocks”

CHIPS FOR TEA plays indie pop, post-punk, twee, sixties soul and girl-groups. It’s all about heartbreaks, looking sharp and falling in love again. Simply put: make a cup of tea, put a record on!

Too cute to puke logo.jpg


“Rebel Girl, Rebel Girl you are the queen of my world”

Too Cute To Puke brings the girls to the front and plays strictly female-fronted tunes. Anything goes; punk, indie pop, soul, new wave, sixties girl-groups, yé-yé, punk, post-punk, riot grrrl… — as long as it's sung by a girl we're putting it on the turntables.

No Time For Us night club plays indie pop, post-punk and Broder Daniel.


“Ever since I was eight or nine. 
I've been standing on the shoreline ”

All out indie disco madness! Dance to everything from Swedish icons like Broder Daniel, Säkert and Håkan Hellström to the Cure, Blondie, Joy Division and My Chemical Romance.

Put stars on your cheeks and backcomb that hair!